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VIP Design Day

Hi I'm Jacqui :)
I'm so glad you're here!

Welcome to WhiteSpace Design Studio, where we create beautiful brands and personalised plans so you can grow your business and achieve your goals!

Why a VIP Day?

VIP Design Days are the simple way we get creative projects done, without the delays.

With the VIP way I've streamlined the process from my expertise so that it takes less of your time and makes transformation as simple as possible.

The prep work is done ahead of time to gather the details and information we need. We book in your day, or days, and get it done. With design projects we do any small updates needed after the day, and you're ready to launch and grow.

Just imagine what that means for your business ... no more unnecessary back + forwards ... waiting for things to get done, postponing launches or missing opportunities! 

You can book a half or full day to get all the things you need done ... and fast!

:: Here's how a VIP Day works ...

1. Click the "Book your VIP day!" button below to pay the deposit to book your place in the schedule.

  • If you choose 50% deposit upon booking, the balance is due upon completion of your VIP Day before delivery of the final project.
  • Once you book your place you'll receive a welcome email with access details to your Personal Portal with the details for us to work together.
  • You'll also receive access to additional Products for your project's prep work within 24 hours, not including weekends.

2. Complete your Project Prep Work

3. Book your Design Call

4. Book your VIP Design Day in my calendar

So there's only one thing you need to do to get started  ...

Success comes when you #takeAction
Click the "Book your VIP Day!" button below and secure your place.

I can't wait to work with you!

PS : If you're not sure how much time your project needs, book a FREE Discovery Call. Let's chat about it!

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 $500.00 USD
 VIP Full Day : deposit (total 1297AUD)
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