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Welcome to the Studio Hub!

Hi I'm Jacqui, I absolutely love helping entrepreneurs set their business up online and create products that help you have a bigger impact with your business + more freedom in your life!

I’m a special kind of creative unicorn that enjoys bringing together the creative + logical sides. My specialty is combining design, tech + productivity so your customers can take action easier + get results faster!

Sally Hogshead calls me a Secret Weapon, and I look forward to being that for your business.

It’s time to take those tasks off your todo list and put them onto mine!

Let’s give you your time back so you can focus on what you do best. I’ll get it done fast so you can tick it off your list.

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Available Offers

Discovery Call

Book a FREE Call and let's chat about how I can help you set up online + create the resources you need to grow your business.

VIP Design Day : work with me

Let's get you set up online + create your products so you can have a bigger impact with your business + more freedom in your life.

Confident Planner Club : Waitlist

A simple step by step plan so you can take back control of your schedule, grow your business + have a bigger impact!

Studio VIP Lounge

Join the VIP Lounge for instant access to a bundle of amazing planning + productivity tips and tools all in the one convenient place.

Easy One Page Planner

A simple one page plan to help you take back control of your schedule, simplify your todo list and plan your day with confidence.

FUSElife Planner Shop

2021 Planners in store NOW! Choose your favourite style planner, journal, calendar, and more. Visit the Studio Shop!

Paper Planner Workshop

Create your own planner in 5 simple steps and enjoy getting things done in a planner that works the way you do!

Goals to Action Masterclass

This is a practical step by step class that shows you how to turn your goals into plans you can achieve even if you haven't got much time!

Harmony at Home Workshop

Inside Harmony at Home you set your family up for success so you can enjoy life as you earn + learn all under the one roof.

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